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Positive Impacts Humans Make on the Environment

Humans are the cause for many problems on the environment, right? Actually, humans cause many positive effects in nature.  The human race may have had many negative impacts on the environment, however we have also made an equal number of positive impacts. We have not yet made our environment the best it can be, but we are working hard to fix the problems. There is much more that can be done.

The human race can be blamed for destroying our environment by doing things such as leaving trash on the beaches and polluting the air with car exhaust. By building on and near beaches, humans are destroying the nesting grounds for sea turtles, birds, and other beach plants. We also tend to fish too much. While fishing, some people become very careless and sometimes destroy coral reefs that grow on the ocean floor.  Humans will do anything to protect the beach, such as,  building concrete barriers to prevent erosion. All these impacts we make on our environment are slowly turning into positive ones, because of the steps we have begun to take to fix them. If we are trying to fix them our children will see the great effects we are making on the environment and want to follow our example.

Humans have learned to increase the amount of crop yields to feed the hungry. In doing this we can have healthier humans that want to help get the environment back on track. Along with this idea we are also trying to use natural resources instead of harsh chemicals, which in turn will create a positive impact on the environment. The fewer chemicals we put into the environment the less chance we have of destroying our ozone layer. Also there will be less of a  chance of contaminating our water, as well.

Could having more crop fields be a positive effect on the environment? In many ways it can have a positive effect on the environment, but in some other ways it can also harm it. It can help the environment by giving the insects and animals more food to survive.  The more animals that survive the better the environment will be. Without the existence of animals there would be no environment for  humans. In many ways this can’t help the environment, one of these ways is because we humans want to try to keep the animals away from the crops. Why? They want more food. To do this we will have to use more chemicals. The more chemicals we use, the more negative impacts we put on the environment, rather than positive effects.

In almost all situations, all we have to do is choose whether or not we want to make a positive impact or negative impact on the environment. Just remember when you make positive choices you will always get positive results back. To learn more information click here. 

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Why is the environment so Important?

 “Since 1970, the Environmental Protection Agency has protected public health by setting and enforcing standards to protect the quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink.” Why do they do this? They do this because the environment we live in is important, and in many more ways than you can imagine. We as humans need to keep it for a thousand more years to come.

One reason the environment is so important is because we as humans depend upon the many gifts it gives us, such as water, food, shelter, and many other important aspects of life. Not only do we depend upon it, but all other living organisms do as well. Your right if your thinking, no that’s the earth. But if you have ever heard of the saying what goes around comes around, well this is a perfect example of that saying. The way we treat the air we breathe, affects the ozone layer. By affecting the ozone layer you affect the earth because the ozone layer protects the earth. Eventually all this will affect the earth and or the environment.

Another reason we depend upon the environment is because it is our home. Being as attached as we are to the earth we don’t want to leave it. We live here, breathe here, eat here, and raise our children here and who would want to leave that life.We even feel safe and protected here. Even if it was possible to go someplace else, where would we go? There is no place else to go. Space is not an option because there won’t be any water or air, and without those items we could not survive. Humans could not exist or any other living organisms. If we can keep the environment safe and healthy we wouldn’t even have to think about any these other options.

If you want to keep living the life you are now, as well as have your children and their children grow up in a safe environment, you are going to have to realize just how important our environment is. We need to know how important it is to keep the environment save, clean, and healthy. This is a very difficult task but with the help of all we can make this task manageable. To find out more click here.  


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How our Past Action have made us more aware of the Environment

“The BP oil spill was the largest oil spill in the world. It released about 5 million barrels of crude oil. There were 86 day of oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico.  About enough oil to fill an area the size of an Americanfootball field more than 90 meters deep says, Scientific American, Inc.”

The BP oil spill happened  in the Gulf of Mexico. The BP oil spill had a very negative effect on the environment. Many organisms helped to clean up theoil spill like skimmers. Skimmers are like birds with long beaks. They skim thewater in search of food. The problem with this was that then the birds wouldget sick or maybe even die because of the oil.

Way do oil spill matter? They matters because about half of the oil that was spilt went missing. So what happen to
all the oil that went missing? No one really knows what happen to it for sure. But scientists have ideas of where it went. One of them is that it sunk to the bottom of the ocean. This is very bad because it harms all the marine life in the area surrounding it.

Though this is a negative effect on the environment, it is good that it happened because now humans will know how badly this canaffect the environment. They can try to avoid oil spills from ever happening again.  Also if it happens again they will know how to stop it from spreading.
Throughout the year humans are concerned about the idea of deforestation. Deforestation is when humans clear a forest or wooded area to make more space for them or to simply have wood to build things. They are worrying  about this because they are starting to see the effects it is having on the environment. One of the things they are seeing is that it is taking animals from their home. As well as harming the human’s water cycle and oxygen level. From years of doing this theyhave come up with several different ways to help this problem. One of the ways. They are doing this is by re-planting trees to make up for the ones they havecut down. Another way is to convince other counties to join the effort.

Humans have put tons of chemicals in the air and the ground throughout the years. The problem is, is that they are only just now realizing what they are doing to the environment. The chemicals in the air and in the ground have caused global warming. These tie in with human waste levels.  If you have ever just thrown something in the trashcan because you didn’t like it, that was a waste. With so many humans doing this it creates too much waste. Then that waste will be put into a hole where the chemicals seep into the ground. There are just many of the ways people can help reverse the problem. They can recycle things instead of throwing them out. They can try not to waste anymore than they have to. There are many other ways as well. These are only a few of the ways people can learn from the past and try to change what will come in the future.

To find out more information click here.


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How to Fix Negative Impacts on the Earth

         So the world is fading, right? Does it really have to?  No, not exactly. But if humans keep things up the way they have, it will. That once perfect world you dreamed about your kids living in will never exist.  There will be no chance for the environment or world. But can it still be saved?  Yes, all the human race has to do is fix the negative effects they put onto the world’s environment. How? They can start by being more responsible.  There are three main ways to do this efficiently. They are: reduce, reuse, and recycle.

       What is reducing and how would it help? Have you ever had to stop using too much shampoo, because the price was too much, and you mom was going to stop buying it? So you then compromised and said you would use less of it.   This is the idea of reducing; using less of the product or item. Reducing will help the environment, because it can reduce the amount of chemicals released into the air. It can help save water. Reducing may also help you save lot of money. So why not give it a try. 

       What can you do to reduce things to help the environment? Simple, you make sure that you put a full load of dishes in your dishwasher, this reduce the amount of water you use. Or next time don’t keep the water running to wait for it to get cold, just put ice cubes in it. You can reduce the amount of pop cans and bottles you buy. You can turn off the all the lights and appliances before leaving the room, this would save electricity. You can also reduce the amount of chemicals sprays that you buy and switch to eco-friendly sprays instead. There are many other things you can do as well to find out more click here.

        What is reusing and how would it help? Have you ever used a throw away water bottle more than once? If you have then you have reused before. Reusing will help the environment in many ways. One way it will help is that there will be less trash to put into the landfills. With less trash in the landfills there will be less chemicals soaking into the ground poisoning our water. What can you do to reuse things to help the environment? You can reuse water bottles, along with soap bottles, spray bottles, and lotion bottles. To find out more ways you can help click here.

        What is recycling and how would it help? Recycling is when human take old materials, like plastic, metal, glass, aluminum, and more.  Then they melt it down to make new materials. Recycling also helps with less trash going into the landfills. Recycling can also mean that fewer trees have to be cut down for paper. How can you help? You could pick up some of the trash lying around and recycle it instead of putting it in the trash. There are many other things you can do as well to find out more click here.

       Yes, doing these little things can help save our world from fading. Just doing one little thing a day can help make the world live a day extra. Then your kids might just get to live in their world after all. So be a responsible human and reduce, reuse, and recycle.


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How Humans Impact the Environment

     As a human living on the earth, you expect it to last for at least another billion years, right? Think again. In reality, the world  is slowly fading. Why? Because of the human’s race. It is because of our actions have an impact on the environment? We do this in many ways.
       One of the ways we impact the environment is landfills.  A landfill is a place where humans dump their waste.  Human’s do not care what they throw away and will throw away anything without a thought to the impact it will have on the enviroment. Even if the item can be recycled, humans still throw it out. These landfills take part in releasing harmful toxins and chemicals into the air polluting the air as well as the ground. The idea of a landfill is not always bad, but the way humans fill them up is the cause of the problem.
      A simple way that humans affect the environment is water pollution. This is a familiar term to most, but what does it mean?  Water pollution is when toxins or chemicals find their way in water. There can be many different ways that these toxins and chemical find their way into the water. When these chemicals find their way to water, they can do many harmful things to the water. It can kill or harm the animals that live under the water. Not only that, but it can put human’s health at risk as well.
      Air pollution is also a way humans impact the environment. Air pollution is when chemicals and toxins make their way into the air that humans breathe. Humans pollute the air by burning off fossil fuel,  spraying chemicals, and more. Humans do this when they drive cars, spray crops, burn things, and many others. Also, air pollution not only affects our health and the world around us, but the wildlife as well. The harmful chemicals and toxins that are being put it to the air also affect the ozone layer. Without an ozone layer humans will be in harm’s way every day. Smoking also affects the environment. Smoking not only harms the human that are doing it but harms the environment by polluting the air.  
      Deforestation effects the environment as well. Deforestation is when humans clear a forest or wooded area to make more space for them or to simply have wood to build things. This not only takes animals from their home, but harms the human’s water cycle and oxygen level. “Due to deforestation, the planet’s forests have shrunk by half its area in the past 11,000 years”, says Jean Scheid.      
      These are the ways that humans affect the environment that they live in. To find out more information on this topic Click Here.

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