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How Humans Impact the Environment

     As a human living on the earth, you expect it to last for at least another billion years, right? Think again. In reality, the world  is slowly fading. Why? Because of the human’s race. It is because of our actions have an impact on the environment? We do this in many ways.
       One of the ways we impact the environment is landfills.  A landfill is a place where humans dump their waste.  Human’s do not care what they throw away and will throw away anything without a thought to the impact it will have on the enviroment. Even if the item can be recycled, humans still throw it out. These landfills take part in releasing harmful toxins and chemicals into the air polluting the air as well as the ground. The idea of a landfill is not always bad, but the way humans fill them up is the cause of the problem.
      A simple way that humans affect the environment is water pollution. This is a familiar term to most, but what does it mean?  Water pollution is when toxins or chemicals find their way in water. There can be many different ways that these toxins and chemical find their way into the water. When these chemicals find their way to water, they can do many harmful things to the water. It can kill or harm the animals that live under the water. Not only that, but it can put human’s health at risk as well.
      Air pollution is also a way humans impact the environment. Air pollution is when chemicals and toxins make their way into the air that humans breathe. Humans pollute the air by burning off fossil fuel,  spraying chemicals, and more. Humans do this when they drive cars, spray crops, burn things, and many others. Also, air pollution not only affects our health and the world around us, but the wildlife as well. The harmful chemicals and toxins that are being put it to the air also affect the ozone layer. Without an ozone layer humans will be in harm’s way every day. Smoking also affects the environment. Smoking not only harms the human that are doing it but harms the environment by polluting the air.  
      Deforestation effects the environment as well. Deforestation is when humans clear a forest or wooded area to make more space for them or to simply have wood to build things. This not only takes animals from their home, but harms the human’s water cycle and oxygen level. “Due to deforestation, the planet’s forests have shrunk by half its area in the past 11,000 years”, says Jean Scheid.      
      These are the ways that humans affect the environment that they live in. To find out more information on this topic Click Here.

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  1.   fl1504061 Says:

    I liked how you asked questions in your writing. It made me stop and think about this stuff, and if I do any of it. In the paragraph about landfills, I think you should say most humans throw stuff away without thinking about the effects on the Earth. I think this because some humans like myself do recycle and pay attention to what we throw away and recycle. All in all, that was a great piece of work and really put things in my perspective well.

  2.   fl1504017 Says:

    This is a very informative blog. I saw no spelling errors and the questions in the blog are atractive to the reader.

  3.   fl2918137 Says:

    I really like this blog because it is very informative and there is no errors and there is a lot of facts here.

    •   misslightle2012 Says:

      You need to be more specific when making comments – something that relates directly to the article. Also, comments should b 2-5 sentences.

  4.   fl1504035 Says:

    Overall this was a pretty decent blog. You told of many ways that humans are hurting the earth, but never gave any solutions. I felt that it would have been more complete if you would have given one or two solutions. Good post, and keep it up!

  5.   SomeOne Says:

    What are ways that humans adapt and change the natural enviorment?

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